Useful Tools

As I mentioned in one of my last blog posts, every DBA need the right tool for the job. So from now on, if I find a useful tool, I will add it to this list. If you have any tools I need to add to my list, let me know!

Development environment
- SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) for SQL Server 2012

SSMS add-ins
- SSMS Toolspack (paid if you use SSMS 2012 or higher)
- SSMS Boost
- Red Gate’s SQL Search
- Red Gate’s SQL Prompt (paid, but free trial available)

Code formatting
- Red Gate’s Format SQL

Performance Tuning
- SQL Sentry Plan Explorer
- Statistics IO Parser

Server Health
- sp_Blitz (script)
- sp_WhoIsActive (script)
- SQLCop (tool)

Monitoring tools
- SQL Monitor (paid, but free trial available)
- SQLjobvis

Modelling tools

Spatial data
- Shape2SQL
- FME Desktop (a.k.a. FME Workbench)

Server administration
- Royal TS
- Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Connection Manager
- Red Gate’s SQL Compare

Server Maintenance
- Ola Hallengren’s Maintenance Solution

- Report Builder 3.0
- Reporting Services Scripter (mirror)

- Analysis Services Activity Viewer

- ExportSQLDeadlockGraphs
- SQL Power Doc

- Notepad++
- Notepad++ Compare
- SequoiaView (mirror)
- ZoomIt

Change list:
2013-05-07 Initial List
2013-05-08 Added: ExportSQLDeadlockGraphs, SQLPowerDoc
2013-06-26 Added: Maintenance Solution, SSAS Activity Viewer, Statistics IO Parser
2013-09-25 Added: RDCM, Notepad++, N++ Compare, RG Format SQL / SQL Search / SQL Prompt, SequoiaView, ZoomIt
2014-03-06 Added: RG SQL Compare

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