First post

As most of you know, only two months ago started blogging. At first I was like: okay, this will be fun for two, max three posts. But then I got the hang of it, and blogging started to be fun. The more reactions I got regarding my blog, the more fun it got!

After working with my previous blog service (GeeksWithBlogs) for 2 months, I started to notice some flaws in that service. Yes there are stats, but only Views are shown. And those statistics are the only ones you get. So I decided to switch blog service.

The main reason I chose WordPress is the extensive dashboard, and the majority of fancy options. And above all, it supports Live Writer. Live Writer is a tool recommended to me by a colleague: Pascal (blog | @pdejonge). He used it before and had no complaints about it. Live Writer was another reason I kept on blogging. Now I could work on a blog, store it locally, do something else, and finish it another day without re-doing al of the HTML work.

In the upcoming weeks I will try to transfer all of my old blog posts to this service. What ever happens to my GeeksWithBlogs account, we will see. Maybe I’ll let it live because it supported my baby steps. Maybe I’ll kill it to undo my youth sins.

So whatever you do, keep an eye on this blog!


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