SQL Server source control

For (almost) all developers, there’s no greater feeling, then knowing your source code is (relatively) safe. The same counts for T-SQL script. Especially if you know that you need the same code next year (argh). So first thing I did after the initial release of scripts, was looking for a way to check-in T-SQL from SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).
So a colleague of mine, Dries (Blog | @dmarckmann), dropped by with a solution: TFS MSSCCI Provider 2010 from the Visual Studio Gallery. It’s a free plugin from Microsoft. This will allow you to check-in your scripts from SSMS, without the hassle of manually checking in files via Visual Studio Team Explorer.
You can download the plugin and install it, even with SSMS running. All it takes is a restart of SSMS to pick up the plugin, en you’re ready to roll!


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