#SQLHelp – SQL 2012 Management Studio Freezes

As I told you in a few of my previous blogposts, I try to follow the #SQLHelp hashtag / topic. And two weeks ago, I could help another colleague via this communication channel.

When SQL Server 2012 RTM came out, I installed it as quick as possible. Just to try it out, and to see what the differences were compared to the other version I installed on my machine: SQL Server 2008. When using SQL Server Management Studio 2012, I encountered random freezes of SSMS. The freezes didn’t occur every time I opened a menu, or started a wizard or something. So it was a problem with my installation.

After a while, I remembered that the installations of SQL Server 2005 and 2008 had the same issue. These SSMS installations also froze, because they shared some dll’s with Visual Studio. So the issues I had now, might have the same cause. And eventually I re-applied Visual Studio SP1, and this solved the issue for me.

And after a few weeks, I saw a similar question from Samson J. Loo (Blog | @ayesamson) coming by, using the #SQLHelp hashtag:

@ayesamson, 2012-05-23

has anyone experienced random unresponsiveness with SSMS 2012 to a point where you have to kill the process? #sqlhelp #sql

So because I saw this issue before, I replied to his tweet:

@DevJef, 2012-05-23

@ayesamson: Yes. Are you running into this issue constantly, or just once? Problem might come from shared DLL’s with VS2010…

Apparently he was still having these issues:

@ayesamson, 2012-05-23

@DevJef its been happening more frequently now. I do have VS2010 installed as well. ‪#sqlhelp

So from my previous experience, I gave him the tip to re-apply Visual Studio 2010 SP1:

@DevJef, 2012-05-23

@ayesamson: I had the same issue. I actually fixed it by applying VS210 SP1 again. This might help you as well! ‪#SQLHelp

The next day, I got the confirmation that SP1 was re-applied:

@ayesamson, 2012-05-24

@DevJef I re-applied VS2010 SP1 this morning, rebooted and haven’t had an issue. If I don’t have an issue come Mon. then we’re golden!

And a week later, I got the great news it helped him get rid of the freezes:

@ayesamson, 2012-05-31

@DevJef well I haven’t experienced any lockups with SSMS 2012 since reapplying VS2010 SP1. Thanks!! ‪#sqlhelp

So I was glad I could help him out, and happy he actually got back to me about resolving the issues. So thank you for that Samson! And for the rest of the community, I hope I helped you with writing this post!


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