Get column headers without retrieving data

A few days ago Pinal Dave (Blog | @pinaldave) retweeted an old blog post about retrieving columns without data. Reading this blog post, I started thinking of other ways to achieve this.

One of the downsides of using SET FMTONLY ON is that it’s a session-setting. This means that every query you run in that session, doesn’t return results. This could end up in very confusing situations. You could end up debugging a query which doesn’t return any result, and eventually you discover that this is a result of SET FMTONLY ON. So this may not be the preferred way to get the column headers from a specific query. Also, this option doesn’t return estimated or actual execution plans!

An example of such a query could be:


FROM sys.tables


Another way of getting this information, without changing your connection options, is a simple WHERE clause.

FROM sys.tables
WHERE 1 = 0

This query will return the same results as the query with SET FMTONLY ON. And looking at performance, there’s no real difference between the two. I ran statistics on both solutions, and the I/O generated is pretty neglectable.

My personal favorite is the WHERE clause. This is because it doesn’t involve session modifiers, and (if you want to) still returns an execution plan. The SET FMTONLY ON doesn’t return an estimated or actual execution plan.

On the other hand, SET FMTONLY is on the list of deprecated features in future SQL Server versions. So for all new functionality, I’d advise you not to use it.

But maybe the other options suits you more. As always: it depends. Depending on your own preferences and the specific situation. But if you have any other options, please let me know. Post a comment, send me an e-mail, tweet me, whatever you want :).


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