Building an empire, but how and where?

As you might have read in my previous post, I set myself some goals this year. One of these goals is to move my blog to a more permanent location. I started out on, but after a few months I’ve moved to this location. But now I want to move to a more permanent location, including my own domain name(s).

All I really need at this moment is a WordPress host. No need for extra storage (I use Dropbox and SkyDrive for file-storage), or any other stuff (as far as I know). I’m only looking for a WordPress host, with 2 or 3 domain names attached. But what are the options?

One of the options is Azure, where you can rent a virtual machine, or just host your website. One of the advantages of having a virtual machine is that you can manage your own machine. You can use your own machine as file storage, and maybe even to host more services in the future.

One of the disadvantages is the cost of a whole package. If you want to rent a small virtual machine and some storage, your looking at a monthly cost of about € 25,- (around $ 33,-). That’s a lot of money. But on the other hand, they’ll move your website and storage on hardware failure. So your website will have an almost guarantied up-time.

Web hosting package
Another option is buying a web hosting pack at for example GoDaddy. There you get a WordPress host, unlimited websites, unlimited space and bandwith (a pretty good deal if you ask me), and they also add a free domain name. This looks like the deal I want, except for all the bad stories I heard about GoDaddy…

Just domain name(s)
It’s also possible to buy a domain name, and point it to your blog. This can be purchased via Then your blog is still hosted by, and you still can’t use the full potential of a install. On the other hand, is a big player in the market, and how often will it be offline?

That’s where YOU come in!
To be honest, I need your help. I’m not that into hosting plans, hosting providers, etc. So if you can help me out, I would greatly appreciate it! You can leave a comment below, or you can Tweet or mail me.


5 Responses to Building an empire, but how and where?

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  2. Bill Anton says:

    Hi Jeff, I went through a very similar thought process in 2012…the question I think you need to ask yourself is “What are you hosting needs?”

    Is it just a blog, or do you plan to expand to a product/service?

    If just a blog, I like the godaddy option (it’s what I ended up going with)…cheap, easy to manage, and, just like the argument you made for wordpress, it’s big enough that it shouldn’t be offline for long.

    • DevJef says:

      Well, I’m starting with just a blog. But I might want to start a website on the side. So the domain name points to a website, which allows you to click on a link to a blog.

      So I’m thinking of “” and “”. But I don’t see any problem there. Does it really matter if you look at my case?

  3. Azure Shared Websites have ability to use domain name and cost little less than $10 a month.

    • DevJef says:

      True, but for $9 a year, I can get full web hosting, with unlimited websites, space (storage) and bandwidth. So if you look at Azure that way, then it’s quite expensive…

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