What do you want to be when you grow up?

Last week I told you that I’m about to change jobs. Because the contract wasn’t signed yet, I could tell you what my next challenge was going to be. But now I’m glad I can tell you where I’m going to end up next: I’m going to become a DBA!

I’m so glad I can finally tell you the good news! I’m so excited to start my next challenge! From next week, I’ll be a Microsoft SQL Server DBA. And if all things work out in the first few months, the planning is that my job will also include Oracle, MySQL, and MongoDB later on.

But for now, my challenge is to become a DBA with expert knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server, and all the features that ship with it. As far as I know now, my planning for the upcoming year is to build a test environment for the SQL Server environment they have now, and a migration of the system to SQL Server 2012. That sounds like a hard work for my first year, but I’m really excited!

Until now, I only worked as a SQL Server developer with a few DBA tasks. The last years I started thinking about my future, and what I really wanted. The only thing I wanted to try out but never had the chance to, was becoming a DBA. And now I get a chance to prove myself as a fulltime DBA. This might end up getting my head blown off the first few months, but I’m excited to test my knowledge and skills, and to expand them.

Thinking about next week makes me both nervous and happy. Feeling happy because I can prove myself (and others) that I can actually do the things people told me I would never accomplish, and nervous because I’m stepping out of my comfort zone. But I’m totally convinced I get all the help that I need to succeed from my new colleagues, and my SQL Family.

Last year I experienced the commitment and dedication to help one another in the SQL Server community. That’s why they call it the SQL Family. Because it’s a hardworking community, that’s always willing to help you if you need them. They helped me out on several occasions, and I try to help them as much as I can. And with them on my side, the upcoming period is going to be a success! 🙂


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