T-SQL Tuesday #42 – The Long and Winding Road

T-SQL Tuesday is a recurring blog party, that is started by Adam Machanic (Blog | @AdamMachanic). Each month a blog will host the party, and everyone that want’s to can write a blog about a specific subject.

This month the subject is “The Long and Winding Road”. If you want to read the opening post, please click the image below to go to the party-starter: Wendy Pastrick (Blog | @wendy_dance).

After I skipped the last few T-SQL Tuesday posts, I saw the topic Wendy suggested for this month. That’s an interesting one, so I’m kind of back again…

One particular sentences that stuck with me, was “Let’s make these stories about the tech and how that has led you down a certain path”. A few months ago, I blogged about leaving my former employer. There I got a change to discover a bunch of new technologies and discover what I really wanted. But the path started earlier.

During my first internship, I started working as a desktop support engineer and help desk employee. This meant I needed to install, replace and fix PC’s, phones, network, etc. After the first internship (6 months), I stayed with the company as a part-time employee. Then I decided to stay there for my second internship of 6 months, which I filled working as a system administrator.

When I was still busy with exams and finishing my education, the company asked me to stay with them. They had an interesting role in mind for me: SQL Server consultant. At that time, I’ve never wrote a single query (except a few trials in my database classes at school), but I accepted the offer. The learning curve was pretty steep, but I managed with the help of my wonderful colleagues. My first experiences with SQL Server were very interesting, and it really triggered me to learn more about it, even though it was SQL Server 2000 back then.

After 2 years I got the opportunity to start as a .NET developer within the same company. Because several colleagues left, there was a high demand for software engineers. So with no knowledge of ASP and VB, I started to discover this new world. After a few months, I moved from ASP to ASP.NET, from VB to C#, and eventually worked with WCF, Silverlight, NHibernate, etc.

After 2.5 years of being a software engineer, I came back to the database world. I can’t explain why, but I missed something in my daily job that I had before. When searching for a new job, I found a company that seemed to fit my ideas of a great company and a huge challenge: multinational, young team, great colleagues, lots of learning opportunities, etc. There I started out as a BI- and SQL Server developer, and I found what I was missing in my previous job: data!

One thing I’ve learned after this wide variety of jobs, is that I love databases and data. In my current job of DBA I can combine the 2 things I love the most: data and technology. As a DBA I’m not only responsible for keeping the databases alive, but also for data quality, database performance, etc.

So this is the ultimate job for me, at least at the moment. But if I ever change jobs, I’m definitely not leaving the SQL Server world! Not only because I love working with databases and data, but also because of the wonderful community. At first I didn’t know what to think about the “SQL Family”, but now I know it practically IS a family. The people have the same issues as you, the same interests, and they love to help you out. So I’m never going to leave that behind again!


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