SQLUGBE Session – Resources

Last week I presented a session to the SQL Server User Group Belgium. The session about CDC was my first ever UG presentation, and it was exciting and scary at the same time. But I was glad there were some familiar faces in the audience. Not only Pieter Vanhove (Blog | @Pieter_Vanhove) was attending, but also Koen Verbeeck (Blog | @ko_ver) and Johan Bijnens (@alzdba). This made it a bit easier to talk to the group of attendees (about 25), because I knew I could use their help if things didn’t go as planned. But the session went okay. I felt a bit too nervous, talked too fast, and didn’t really watch the time. All rookie mistakes of course. There was a 2,5 hour timeslot reserved, and in the end I talked about CDC for 2 hours and 15 minutes! Surprisingly, it didn’t feel like that at all! Sorry to all the attendees for that!

A few attendees came by after the session, and told me their opinion on the session. That first feedback was better than I could imagine. The rest of the feedback will be send to me later, so hopefully that feedback will be as good as the first feedback I got. This experience convinced me I want to look for the next challenge. A new event, a different audience, and new topic(s).

For all the attendees (and the ones who just want to check out the slides and demos), I shared the resources:

Slide deck (pdf)
Slide deck + demos (zip)

Thanks again to all attendees, thank you SQL Server User Group Belgium for organizing the session, and thank you Kohera for sponsoring the session!

The evaluation just came in, and it’s better than I could ever expect!

Question: Fulfilled this evening your technical expectations?
Score: 7.8 / 9

Question: How do you evaluate presentation skills?
Score: 7.56 / 9

Question: How do you evaluate presenters knowledge?
Score: 8.2 / 9


2 Responses to SQLUGBE Session – Resources

  1. SQLMickey says:

    Congrats Jeffrey!

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