Create XMLA file for OLAP Cubes

In order to refresh your OLAP Cubes (SQL Server Analysis Services), you need to create XMLA files. These XMLA files can be used in a SQL Server Agent Job, so that the Cubes are refreshed and re-processed. To accomplish this, you need to follow the next steps:

1) Deploy your Cube to your SQL Server
2) Right click on the database, and choose “Script database as” –> “Alter To”
3) Add the following node to the top of the XML:

<Batch xmlns="">

4) Change the “Alter” node into the following node:

<Alter AllowCreate="true" ObjectExpansion="ExpandFull">

5) Add the following nodes to the bottom of the XML:


6) Change the “DatabaseID” in the nodes of Step 5 to the Cube name you deployed
7) In your SQL Job, choose the “Type” of task “SQL Server Integration Services Package”
So from now on, your SQL Job will re-create the SSAS Cube, and process it. But be aware, every time you change your Cube, change your XMLA file as well!!!


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