Azure Data Lake – Register JSON Assemblies

The power of Azure Data Lake is that you can use a variety of different file types to process data (from Azure Data Lake Analytics). But in order to use JSON, you need to register some assemblies first.

Downloading assemblies
The assemblies are available on Github for download. Unfortunately you need to download the solution, and compile it on your machine. So I’ve also made the 2 DLL’s you need available via direct download:


Upload to ADL
Before we register the assemblies, we need to upload the files to Azure Data Lake storage. In my case, I created a folder called “Assemblies”, and in that folder a directory called “JSON”:

Now upload the 2 dll’s that you downloaded into that folder.

Register the assemblies
I’m running the register USQL job from Visual Studio, but you can also do this from the Azure portal, by running a USQL job in the Azure Data Lake Analytics window.

By running the statements below, you register both dll’s in your Azure Data Lake Analytics and you can start using JSON:

CREATE ASSEMBLY [Newtonsoft.Json] FROM "Assemblies/JSON/Newtonsoft.Json.dll";
CREATE ASSEMBLY [Microsoft.Analytics.Samples.Formats] FROM "Assemblies/JSON/Microsoft.Analytics.Samples.Formats.dll";

Because we use JSON as a primary way of creating, sending and storing data, being able to use this filetype in ADL is a must. This saves us time, because otherwise we would need to change the file to an intermediate type (like CSV or text) before we could process this data.

Hopefully this short tutorial helps you out as well.